For years I had this idea lurking in my mind, at first it was a razor but evolved into a full size knife. You might or might not notice it, but this is a knife – from a well known international brand – inserted into the model’s vagina. I consider this to be my signature photo, the apex of my photography until now.

I have this idea, you see, that women rule the world (and yes, I do understand there are places in the world that contradict this thought) and if you mess with them, you get metaphorically cut. That’s what this photo aims at representing. The blood on the knife isn’t the woman’s, it’s blood from any man fooling around with women’s intimacy.

For quite some time I didn’t think I’d be able to picture this. How many women do you know that would, willingly, pose for a photo with a knife inserted in them? If you do, I didn’t. It came as surprise when I met someone who understood the idea and was willing to try it out. We chose the knife, went to the studio and there she stood for a bit over two hours holding the knife inside her with the help of some nylon strings. It was uncomfortable, but the result sure made us proud. I am forever grateful to the woman who modeled that day for me.

And the blood, well, it’s not really blood. It’s a mix of honey and gooseberry.