João Carlos Verde is a portuguese physical geographer who’s been taking pictures since around 1982, at first with an Olympus Trip 35 and after that with an Asahi Pentax, fully metal, mostly manual and heavy as few cameras are today. After a long absence, photography came back full force in 2010.

I took pictures of landscapes for a long time.

Landscapes are still, or mostly still, just there for me to capture. Beautiful pictures can be created from landscapes, and I do love them, but after a while landscapes are just that. Landscapes. People are a completely different game, and among everything, picturing people is what I love the most. The same person will be different on my camera every single day. Every single minute. People move, people express emotions, people fuel fantasies. I enjoy creating fantasies.

Landscapes will come and go, every so often, but nowadays I’m mostly a people photographer, and a woman photographer at that. I’m not so inclined to photograph men – although I will, for some specific job – as I tend to picture what I like the most, and I have a keen interest in women. As I did/do landscapes. You won’t see me picturing car races, rarely architecture, or products. Honesty is important in photography too. And that’s just that. Women are beautiful and a joy to photograph. Their form, the way light surrounds their bodies, the emotions, are things I don’t generally seek in men. You’ll notice that looking at my pictures.

I hope you love my works as much as I do. Please enjoy your stay.