After a long while away from photography, I finally got the time to dust off my camera, head to the nearest supermarket and buy bags of red apples. What for? To put them floating in water. With a model, no less.

Today I met Joana, who agreed to get in a not so warm water so that I could get some pictures I had in mind. Apples were the fall of mankind, as per Genesis, when bitten by Eve and Adam (Jordan Peterson has an interesting take on this on his book, which I recommend reading) and I wanted to have a picture of a woman – an Eve – seemingly drowning on a water with apples. To be fair, I would have enjoyed having far more apples in the water, but I’m not exactly sure of how many bags I’d have to get and how many apple pies I’d have to bake to get rid of all the fruit. Can’t have waste!

Sure enough, I took some other pictures of Joana and, overall, it was a very well spent afternoon in a very windy location.